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Gems by Jael Quality Jewellery Since 2006
Gems by JaelQuality Jewellery Since 2006

Freshwater Pearls are easily cultivated from freshwater mussels as opposed to salt water oysters.  They are produced in great abundance , and are herefore generally the most moderately priced of all cultured pearl varieties.  Their unique shapes and gentle pastel colours make them perfect gems for those on a budget.

Keshii Pearls, though not nucleated cultured pearls, are created by accident as a result of the culturing process and thus must be considered cultured pearls.  Their unusual shapes and sizes are best used in unique jewellery designs.

Akoya Pearls are the classic cultured pearls that come to mind when the word 'pearl' is mentioned.  Ranging is size from 3mm to 10mm, Akoya cultured pearls come in a wide range of colours and shapes.  Akoya pearls are renown for their intense and brilliant lustre.

The exotic natural colour palette of Tahitian Pearls makes them one of the most unique of all cultured pearl varieties.  Ranging in colour from light grey to midnight black, with pistachio, aubergine and blue in between, Tahitian Pearls generally range in size from 8mm to 17mm.

Considered one of the more exclusive of all cultured pearl varieties, South Sea Pearls are known for their extraordinary size and satiny lustre.  Ranging in colour from silver-white to gold and in size from 8mm to 18mm and larger, South Sea Pearls, due to their rarity, command premium prices.