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Gems by Jael - Since 2006 Find Your "Different"
Gems by Jael - Since 2006Find Your "Different"

#RembrandtCharms are available in Sterling Silver, Gold Plated,10k &14k Gold

Handcrafted in Canada.

Create a Charm Bracelet One Memory at a Time

For the Princess in you family.


Fleu De Lis Accent(#0125)

Royal Crown (#0119)

Crown Accent (#0120)

Royal Carriage (#0121)

This Snowflake (#7816) won't melt on your tongue.  

Celebrate the birth of a new baby with the gift of a memorable Charm.  Availabe to order in Sterling Silver or Gold.  Check the catalogue for more baby related Charms.

Show your love with meaningful Charms from Rembrandt. 

Available from Gems by Jael

Are you still buying Charms from that other place, you know, the one that EVERYONE buys from? Why not start your unique story with Rembrandt Charms.


Download the Catalogue and increase your collection or start a new one. Each Charm is hand crafted locally, not in some far away factory on the other side of the world. They are available in Sterling Silver, Gold Plate, 10k & 14k Gold. Your choice!


These can be ordered from us directly to you.  Contact us or visit the store for more details.







Rembrandt Charms Catalogue

Rembrandt Charms Catalogue.pdf
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Rembrandt Charms Catalogue - Supplement