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Since 2006Find Your "Different"

                  Protect Your Investment

As tempting as it is to remove your jewellery and put it on a tray, in a drawer or on the dresser, you are actually doing more harm than good for the sake of convenience. Even good quality, high-end pieces are NOT indestructible. Metals get scratched and scuffed and stones can get chipped - yes, even diamonds! Some gemstones are also prone to fading, so, the dresser isn't the best place for them either.

What can you do? Storage! Use a soft lined jewellery box, with notches for rings. Loose pieces such as pendants, earrings and chains should be stored on soft bags. If your jewellery came in a box or soft bag then store it in there. We have customers who label the boxes we provided with their piece so that they know what is in there and then can readily find the piece they want. If you don't have a jewellery box then try this - 'zip-lock' bags. Check the Dollar Store for small ones that would hold a ring or pendant. You can often get multi-coloured organza bags there too. Place an individual piece in each bag. With chains leave a 'tail' hanging out and close the bag around it. When your ready to wear it grab the 'tail', open the bag and pull. Tangle free (hopefully!). Once your pieces are in their respective bags then place them in a decorative box with a lid and keep it in a safe place. Remember fading - keep your box in the dark if it doesn't obscure the light.


You would never throw your cashmere sweater, Coach bag or little black number on the floor of your closet,so, don't do the equivalent with your jewellery. Protect it and store it properly and you will enjoy them for a very long time.

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